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University of Skövde - Xsens Beta User

Posted on January 10, 2018

The University of Skövde’s research department frequently performs ergonomics assessments on the behalf of prominent commercial companies and automotive manufacturers, helping to perfect their user experience.

Xsens' MVN BIOMECH technology has proved invaluable for the researchers, who use the technology to assess work environments and vehicle ingress/egress through motion data. This has enabled huge strides forward in injury prevention and health and safety.

Asked about their experiences working with the MVN beta, the University of Skövde were quick to point out the technology’s benefits and accuracy in automotive research.

Pamela Ruiz Castro, Research Assistant in the School of Engineering Science:

“We’ve done a lot of recordings related to driving or vehicle interaction. You’re essentially inside a big metal box, so we had to stop for a while because of magnetic interference. But with the new Xsens system, we’re able to record drivers again.”

“We can record for a long time now with Xsens, and we’re able to see modifications after a long period of time in how people sit differently or change poses. It’s these subtle movements that start becoming important.

“The new beta is also more accurate, with less data clean up. That’s a huge plus.”


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