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Xsens on The Gadget Show

The release of the new Oculus Quest is a possible game-changer for VR...

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Going viral: Fooling the internet with Corridor Crew

Innovating the long jump at FBK Games

Xsens digs deep into Iron Harvest: Bringing to life the story-driven, alternate reality of 1920+

Maintain a stable Heading with the World Magnetic Model update for all MTi products

Music producer, performer, and creative technology explorer – Chagall

Xsens’ Open Source XDA: Interfacing with a Motion Tracker has never been easier

Behind the commando crawling of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

Asia-Pacific distributor meeting and Siggraph Asia

A Q&A with Kite & Lightning

Capturing The Movement Of Deception

Challenges you face when working with motion capture and how Xsens overcomes them

Xsens Throwback Thursday: Love Has No Labels

Xsens and the TU Delft Solar Boat Team

BBC’s The Honesty Experiment

Xsens and Kite & Lightning win big at SIGGRAPH 2018's Real-Time Live!

Five BAFTA Awards Later: A Ninja Theory Q&A

Xsens Attends The Paralympic Games with EIS

The perfect Virtual YouTuber setup

Shakespeare in digital: An Imaginarium Q&A

Xsens arrives at Wimbledon – with the University of Coventry

Using a wireless inertial motion capture system on a live set

Six ways to synchronize an Xsens MTi with other devices

Field testing the new MTi-7 GNSS/INS at the Self Racing Cars track day

Flying high with the Xsens test team

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The Statue of Mo at Xsens Headquarters

Xsens Throwback Thursday: Grudge Match

3D Breakdown of MVN Animate video

MVN Animate - How did they do it?

Xsens MVN Road Tour

University of Skövde - Xsens Beta User

University of Calgary - Xsens Beta User

Coventry University - Xsens Beta User

HFES 2017

Avalanche Studios - Xsens Beta User

The University of California (UCSF) - Xsens Beta User

English Institute of Sport (EIS) - Xsens Beta User

The Mocap Studio - Xsens Beta User

Keep an accurate heading in a magnetically disturbed environment

Xsens Beta Program

Project MVN 2018