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Avalanche Studios - Xsens Beta User

As an independent AAA game developer, it’s essential that Avalanche Studios...

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The University of California (UCSF) - Xsens Beta User

The University of California (UCSF) is one of North America’s leading research institutes in...

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Posted by Xsens on 11-Oct-2017

English Institute of Sport (EIS) - Xsens Beta User

The English Institute of Sport has been an Xsens customer since 2013 and its core goal is to...

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Posted by Remco Sikkema on 10-Oct-2017

The Mocap Studio - Xsens Beta User

We are currently preparing the launch of our new motion capture engine – a groundbreaking...

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Posted by Xsens on 5-Oct-2017

Keep an accurate heading in a magnetically disturbed environment

Industry, aeronautics, and marine vehicles all rely heavily on 3D motion tracking sensors to...

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Posted by Xsens on 29-Sep-2017

Xsens Beta Program

Xsens is preparing a groundbreaking software release: a new, revolutionary software motion...

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Posted by Xsens on 19-Sep-2017

Project MVN 2018

Exciting times at Xsens! This year we will release a new motion capture engine for Xsens’...

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Posted by Xsens on 8-Sep-2017